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Thursday, January 02, 2014 | Gerard Caruana
Good teams are winners and that's how we like to think of our team at Wincrest Homes.

Individuals in our team have specialist skills based on their extensive training and experience but it really works well when we come together as a team combing our skills.

At Wincrest we recognise that it is all about synchronising the various project components to ensure the customer's project flows through successfully from start to finish.

Right from the time the customer decides to build a Wincrest home our system clicks into gear and each member of the team knows their role in the process and the need to have a seamless hand-over at every stage. Calculations and details are double checked and the customers are kept fully informed at all times.

It usually starts at one of our display homes where the customer often has their first experience with Wincrest. Our sales consultants are at the front line and build customer confidence that we are the right company to deal with. First impressions are important. 

Many questions are answered at this point and site inspections organised. We endeavour to make this the start of an exciting journey towards creating the right design for the customer's future living.

If changes to the design are requested the design team and management will work together with the customer to inspire a home that meets expectations. So, the customer becomes a member of the team to ensure good two-way communication at all times.

There is no room for egos at Wincrest with all the team working on the project including the Managing Director. All the processes including design, colour selection and coordination of the various trades and building materials, through to completion of construction, are skilfully managed. The focus is totally on achieving what the customer wants in their new home.

That we achieve this time and time again is due in no uncertain terms to the wonderful team we have at Wincrest. If you have a look at the testimonials we have on our website you will see that our customers agree with my assertions.

At Wincrest we receive a lot of accolades and repeat business from friends and relatives so it makes sense to get it right by setting high team standards. It's a nice feeling to know we are getting it right.  Of course there will be occasions when there is an issue. Our attitude is to respond quickly with professionalism and fix the problem or provide a solution.

So, when you meet our team you will soon realise they take their responsibilities seriously and your home will be everything you expected it to be.

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Gerard Caruana 

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