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Time Gets Away

Friday, January 17, 2014 | Gerard Caruana
We hope you had a good holiday break and you are looking forward to a great 2014. 

It's amazing how time gets away from us. We are already well into January and before we know where we are, it will be February.
Many people I spoke to recently commented how quickly 2013 seem to pass by. So, we can expect 2014 to go just as quickly!

The reason I am talking about this is that if you are thinking about building a new home in 2014 you need to kick start your project now.

Before Christmas we launched our promotion where for customers who deposited in January we will have you moving into your new home by September 2014, deposit in February and it's October, deposit in March and it will be November deposit in April and you will be in before Christmas 2014.

So, if you deposit in February, allowing for some time to look around and decide on your design between now and the end of February, you can be in your new home in October. Obviously the later you leave it the later you will move into your new home.

When you look at it this way you can see how the time gets away from us. The good news is that the Wincrest team is ready to help speed the process and with the speed and efficiency of the Wincrest Quickstart CDC you could enjoy your new home before 2015. 

CDC stands for Complying Development Certificate and it means we can have your proposed new home pre-approved at the time of your tender. 

The other good news is interest rates are still at low levels and the world economy is in better shape.

If you are not sure where to start, come and have a talk to us and we will put you on the right track. 

We have our standard designs on display at our display centres at HomeWorld Kellyville (02) 9629 5559, Rutherford in the Hunter/ Newcastle area (02) 4931 9044 and Woongarrah Phone (02) 4351 0995.

But remember we offer design flexibility and a range of options so you don't have to settle for a standard design in 2014.

More news soon and good luck in 2014.

Gerard Caruana

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