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Sydney Property Prices Keep Climbing

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 | Gerard Caruana

The value of investing in property in the Sydney market has been demonstrated by the continuing increase in property prices in most suburbs.

In fact many Sydney suburbs have already broken through the $1 million barrier and Australian Property Monitors (APM) have predicted that some house prices will double in the next decade.

We are not in the business of predicting the future of property prices but with Sydney, the Central Coast and the Newcastle Hunter regions growing at a rapid pace it appears that property prices are likely to continue to rise.

There may be bumps along the way. But for home owners who own a home that needs replacing, it certainly makes sense to seriously consider the option of knocking down the old home and replacing it with a brand new one.

Not only do you acquire a whole new lifestyle with the latest in design including stylish kitchens, alfresco areas and an abundance of spacious living areas. You also increase the value of your most precious family asset - the family home.

It also make a lot of sense for property investors to look for older style homes and replace them with a brand new one that either can be rented or sold on completion.

Certainly the current low interest rates make it very attractive to invest in property whether for the family home or as a straight out investment. Attractive fixed rates are also on offer thanks to the competition between banks.
The Wincrest team can build on all types of building blocks and there is a selection of home designs for both narrow and wide blocks and, importantly, for sloping blocks.

Finally, if there is specific design you would like we can help by altering our current designs or by custom designing and building the home of your dreams. We're flexible and with our Quickstart CDC (Complying Development Certificate) you can build your home faster than you might think, in most council areas.

Sounds too easy? Well there's one way to find out. Talk to our consultants and discover what other Wincrest customers have found when building their new homes.

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Gerard Caruana

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