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It's nice to hear a voice at the end of the phone

Friday, August 01, 2014 | Gerard Caruana

There is nothing more annoying than when you ring a company or government department and then be told to press one for this, press two for that and so it goes on. Perhaps a couple of numbers is okay but some seem to have a long list and then you often don't get a real person.

Technology is great and has made a big difference to the way you can operate a business these days. Emails and text messages for instance helps to keep our customers up to date with developments onsite.

But when you ring Wincrest you will get a real person whether it is at our head office or one of our display homes. It's the first impression you will get from our company and we value the one to one phone calls from customers.

When you come into one of our display homes you will be able to speak to a person trained to answer your questions and interact face to face with you about building a home.

We believe everyone is individual and while there may be similarities no two customers are the same. So when you are talking to a member of our team they will be listening intently to ascertain exactly what you are looking for in a home.

So when you talk to our sales consultant, the estimator, colour consultant, building supervisor, building manager or any other team member you will be interacting with a person who will help create the home you want.

We will meet you out onsite to carry out an inspection and keep you informed of the results so you know what's happening. You are able ask questions you often find hard to ask when you are talking to a recorded voice because the options they offer don't necessarily match your enquiry.

I am a firm believer that housing is a very personal association between builder and customer and you need to be face to face as much as possible. Then the technology enables us to keep you informed about the various stages of the construction of your new home.
And when you talk to us on the phone it will be a familiar voice and you know the Wincrest team member understands exactly what you are talking about.

Call me old fashioned if you like but I think the right blend of personal contact and clever use of communication technology has enabled us to build strong relationships with our customers.

You can see some of their comments on our newly designed website.

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Gerard Caruana

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