Wincrest Steps

Step 1
Preparing the Tender
Wincrest Homes can help you decide on the best home for you and your family.  Choose from one of our current designs or custom design a unique home to suit your family and land at a fixed price you can afford.

To ensure our tender is accurate, we arrange quotes and speak to the experts, including certifiers and engineers, to ensure we have the most up to date and accurate information for your site.  The more precise and accurate our information is, the more accurate the tender.

Step 2
Tender Presentation
A New Home Consultant and (if relevant) a senior member of our estimating and construction team will personally present your written tender and answer any questions you have.

You'll rest easy knowing the price we give you is the final cost to build your dream home.  Plus, our guaranteed build time means you'll be able to best plan for budget, rent and moving dates.

Step 3 
Acceptance of Tender  
When you decide to build with Wincrest Homes, you will be asked to pay a small tender acceptance fee.

After you accept the tender, we will provide you with a colour pack.

Step 4
Plan Preparation and Drawing your Plans
You will receive your preliminary first draft plans in accordance with your signed tender document. These will include: Site Plan, Floor Plans, Elevations, Kitchen and Wet Area Elevations.

This is the time to make any changes to your plan.

Step 5
Plan Presentation/Plan Approval
Once you are happy with your plans, it's time to meet with your Senior Client Liaison Officer.  Here you will review and sign off your final draft plans as well as checklists and authority application forms.  This can be done in person or by email.

Eighty-five precent of our Quickstart CDC clients start building 90 working days from returning their first draft*

Step 6
Colour Selection
Our qualified Colours/Interior Decorator will then guide you through the selection process for external and internal colours, finishes and products. These selections will help you personalise your home and make it truly yours.

Step 7
Statutory Approvals
Your plans are updated to suit your personalised selections and submitted to the relevant authorities for approval.

Step 8
Your Building Agreement / Contract will be prepared and issued to you for review and signing.                

Step 9
At the commencement of construction works you will be allocated a Senior Building Supervisor.  You'll also meet the member of the construction team who will be responsible for keeping you updated on the progress of your home.

Step 10
Independent Quality Control
Our thorough quality control process ensures your home is built to exacting standards.  We engage an independent quality control professional to conduct inspections during the construction of your home to ensure those standards are met.

Step 11
Moving In
It is time to book your removalists! Once the final practical completion inspection and quality control have been carried out, settlement of your new home will be in 7-14 days. Congratulations on moving into your brand new Wincrest Home!

Step 12
Once you have moved into your new home, our Warranty team will be in touch to follow up on any small things that may need taking care of.




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