Why Wincrest

Need more reasons why Wincrest is the first choice in new home building?  

Faster Approvals with Quickstart CDC
A Wincrest Quickstart CDC(Complying Development Certificate) makes the approval process much simpler and faster meaning you save money and are in your new home sooner. Read More...

Knock Down & Rebuild
Continue to enjoy your local community by building your dream home at your current address.
With a Wincrest Knock Down and Rebuild, you’ll save on stamp duty, agent commissions and high renovation costs. Read more...

Over 30 Years' Experience
Wincrest Homes has been creating dream homes for families since 1986. Our experience has seen us establish a strong reputation for outstanding service, quality workmanship, competitive pricing and superior professionalism in project management. Read more ...

Fixed Price Contract
Avoid nasty surprises with a Wincrest fixed price contract. As part of our fixed price contract, we arrange any quotes that might be necessary and specific to your block.  This ensures you have the most accurate information for your site. Read More...

Design Flexibility 
Wincrest offers the flexibility to modify one of our existing home designs.  This way, you’ll receive exactly what you want from a new home. Read more...

Easy Communication
Wincrest’s open door policy means every member of its team – from administration to senior management – is available for clients to contact directly. You can also contact us through our website and Facebook page.

We Build on Your Land
Wincrest has built homes right across Sydney, Central Coast and Newcastle / Hunter. We can build in new suburban estates and on existing blocks, narrow blocks, sloping blocks and large blocks. Wherever your land, we have a home to suit it.

Narrow Blocks
While many builders shy away from narrow blocks, Wincrest offers a choice of homes specifically designed for narrow blocks so you’ll never need to compromise on your perfect home. Read more...

Double Storey Specialists
Wincrest are the double storey specialists and offer a choice of seven double storey home. Read more...

If you live on acreage or large block you’ll want a home that reflects the space, setting and surrounds of your land. Wincrest offers a choice of homes specifically designed to complement this lifestyle.

Honest Expectations
Our open home build process means you know what to expect from us, and we know what to expect from you.  Outlining expectations upfront means both builder, and customer, remain in touch with the process every step of the way.

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