Steel Frames Homes

As the first major Sydney builder to offer a two story home built with a steel frame, Wincrest has long been considered the industry experts in steel framed homes.

There are many benefits to building a Wincrest Steel Framed Home including:

It’s termite proof
Steel is 100 % termite proof.

It offers an increased fire resistance
A steel frame is non-combustible making homes that use it some of the most fire resistant homes around.

Built to last
Steel frames won’t shrink, twist or warp, reducing the likelihood of problems such as cracking cornices, jamming doors, sticking windows or wavy roof lines.

It comes with a warranty*
Steel frames come with a 50 year warranty.

* Warranty available on application.

Download the PDF Brochure for more information on Steel frame homes in NSW. 

Flyer - Two Storey Steel Flyer - Two Storey Steel (3309 KB)

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