Wincrest Fixed Price Contract

Better prepare your new home budget with a Wincrest fixed price contract

At Wincrest, we believe that the more precise and up-to-date our information is, the better we can prepare a contract that suits your budget and meets your specific building requirements.

Before preparing our fixed price contract, we commission experts to:
  • Undertake a site inspection to better understand the land’s site fall, sewer connection points, and other service locations.
  • Provide a detailed contour survey (done to 200mm increment accuracy)
  • Commence bore hole drilling to determine soil type
  • Carry out any necessary assessments to confirm building restrictions
  • Arrange for any required quotes and reports

Having this information up-front puts us in the best position to provide a true assessment of your new home costs. These costs will always be there and Wincrest would rather you know about them before, not after, you’ve signed a contract!

*Fixed Price Contract excludes rock excavation and must adhere to specific time limits

Click here to download the Wincrest Fixed Price Brochure

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