Faster Approvals

What is CDC?

CDC - or Complying Development Certificate - is a State Government initiative aimed at making the approval process much simpler and faster. It can see you move into your new home than ever before.

How does CDC work?

CDC allows applications to be determined by a private certifier without the need for a full Development Application (DA). When you build with CDC, all rigorous planning and environmental requirements are assessed against a set of specific state government regulations.

How much faster is CDC?

According to CDC legislation, if you have met all of the criteria of CDC, then you will have your approval within 10 days. Most councils can take anywhere between 3 and 12 months to approve a DA. Plus, the uncertainty caused by the current NSW council amalgamations could see these times increase even further.

How does CDC ensure I’ll know my costs upfront?

We are unable to lodge a CDC without including the total cost of your home. That means you will know the true cost to build your home before approval. Plus Wincrest’s fixed price tender guarantees that price won’t change.

To find out whether your home meets CDC requirements, talk to a Wincrest New Home Consultant today. They're the experts in comply and development and will work with our Accredited Building Certifiers to assess whether your home meets the CDC requirements and can preapprove CDC at the time of your tender.

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